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Custom Query creation

Query is a simple object with that stores some reactive primitives — Event, Effect, and Store. It means you can create Query not only by built-in factories but by your own. E.g. 👇

function createAsyncStorageQuery({ storageKey }) {
  const $data = createStore(null);
  const $error = createStore(null);

  const start = createEvent();

  const fetchFx = createEffect(() => asyncLocalStorage.getItem(storageKey));

  sample({ clock: start, target: fetchFx });
  sample({ clock: fetchFx.doneData, target: $data });
  sample({ clock: fetchFx.failData, target: $error });

  return { start, $data, $error, ... };

In this example, some Effector APIs were used to create QuerycreateEvent, createEffect, createStore, sample.

Of course, it looks pretty hard, so Farfetched provides a special helper that aims to simplify creation of custom Query factories — createHeadlessQuery. Let us rewrite provided example with this helper 👇

import { createHeadlessQuery } from '@farfetched/core';

function createAsyncStorageQuery({ storageKey }) {
  const fetchFx = createEffect(() => asyncLocalStorage.getItem(storageKey));

  const headlessQuery = createHeadlessQuery(/*...*/);

  return headlessQuery;

createHeadlessQuery hides all logic to handle contracts and errors inside, so you only have to provide executor, which will be called to retrieve new data.

Released under the MIT License.