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v0.7 Nam Phu Chet Si

Nam Phu Chet Si

Photo by Maria Goroshko

Why Nam Phu Chet Si?

Nam Phu Chet Si is a national park in the North of Thailand with a lot of great waterfalls. Numerous ideas for Farfetched came to my mind while I was there 🌊

New integrations for creating Contract@farfetched/io-ts and @farfetched/superstruct. Also, this release contains some bug fixes, improvements and minor breaking changes.

Migration guide

Provide unset method in custom cache adapter

Since v0.6.2 Farfetched supports unset method in custom cache adapter. In v0.7 it is required.

Do not use refetch in @farfetched/solid

import { createQueryResource } from '@farfetched/solid';

function User() {
  const [
  ] = createQueryResource(userQuery);

  return (
      <button onClick={refetch}>Start query</button>

Full changelog



Patch Changes

  • be8bb8b: Return null for empty response without header in createJson*



Patch Changes

  • f1afd34: Add a response field in invalid data error



Minor Changes

  • 294f0ae: Add name field to meta of any RemoteOperation
  • 7fd0c57: Share inMemoryCache between scopes, do not block allSettled in it
  • 2116b36: Use name of a Query as a part of key in cache in case of absent sid and uniq name
  • 942cbf2: Allow to override credentials in createJsonQuery and createJsonMutation
  • 79593c6: Make unset method of custom cache adapter required

Minor Changes


Minor Changes

  • 42f667a: Return start from createQueryResource, deprecate refetch

Minor Changes

  • 5ed6480: Add integration for superstruct

Released under the MIT License.