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Farfetched is under development now, before the first stable release we are going to provide solutions for plenty of common cases. This roadmap displays the list of planned features and its order. It could change a bit, but in general, we will follow it.

The next release

v.0.4 Cheow Lan

  • update operator

Future releases


  • DevTools interface


  • Triggers API to mark data as stale and re-fetch on some declarative triggers.
  • Add-on @farfetched/web-api with common triggers
    • internet connectivity after lost
    • tab focus
  • timer triggers
  • explicit triggers
  • migrate Mutation API to Triggers API
  • migrate connectQuery to Triggers API


  • Pagination and infinite scroll


  • GraphQL add-on — @farfetched/graphql
    • createGraphQLQuery
    • createGraphQLMutation
    • optional auto-batching
    • import, parsing, and usage of schema
    • automatic optimistic update for Query based on Mutation and schema


  • WebSocket
  • Server Sent Events
  • HTTP Polling


  • Add-on @farfetched/rest
    • createREST — return set of Queries and Mutations for typical REST API

Released under the MIT License.